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 Butterflies vs Dragonflies Roleplay idea

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Eric the Smith
Eric the Smith

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PostSubject: Butterflies vs Dragonflies Roleplay idea   Thu Dec 20, 2012 7:04 pm

I plan on making this one so im doing a poll to see if people like this idea.


In another dimension lives a race of butterflies but these are not normal butterflies they pull in young ladies and bestow upon them their butterfly wings as well as let them pick an elemental tribe and a mastery over physical, magic or illusions to help with their elemental powers to the young ladies they pull into their dimension. Once the young ladies gain these butterfly wings they are sent back to their home dimension with beautiful wings and special powers unique to them.

In yet another dimension lives a race of dragonflies who bring in young men and force them into an an elemental tribe that suits the young men's personality and let them chose a mastery over physical, magic or illusions to help with their elemental powers give them there wings in order to fight and or conquer the butterflies and those who gain their blessings. The battle between the butterfly and dragonfly dimensions has been going on since the beginning of time but just recently this battle just started taking people from our dimension in a bid to end this feud.

Will they side with those who have bestowed their blessings on to them? Or will they try to make peace between the butterflies and the dragonflies? This is their story.

Hopes for this roleplay
-the players who chose to be part of the buttefly chosen or dragonfly chosen have 1 unique power to make it interesting
-online friendships form

What can happen
-anything is allowed just get permission from the other players to see what there comfortable with doing
-the fateweavers can do anything in this one to make events and stuff (deviantart prizes will be given out depending on the event type)
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Butterflies vs Dragonflies Roleplay idea
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