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 Hospital Quarantine roleplay idea

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Eric the Smith
Eric the Smith

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PostSubject: Hospital Quarantine roleplay idea   Thu Dec 20, 2012 6:22 pm


An experimental gas that is said to cure every known sickness as been released in a hospital its side effects vary amoung the people that breathe it in. The outside traps those in the hospital with a dome to prevent the gas from going outside of the hospital.

Ways this can be done

-shrinking side effect
-transformation side effects(turn to animals, monsters, insects, etc)
-super powers as long as they stay within the dome
-what ever you can think of

What Can not be done
-death can only happen for shrinking and or transformation side effects

Possible ways the roleplay can end
-with all the people in the hospital escaping
-if the fateweavers decide to add drama by announcing that the military will destroy the hospital(ask for a fateweaver if you want this outcome) so escaping gets a post limit before everyone dies.
-the gas vanishes and all the super powers vanishes or all the shrinking/transformation side effects remains. (ask a fate weaver for this way)
-what ever you think of
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Hospital Quarantine roleplay idea
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