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 Anthro giantess Roleplay idea

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Eric the Smith
Eric the Smith

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PostSubject: Anthro giantess Roleplay idea   Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:10 pm

Idea it self

You cannot remember much, but as far back as your memory goes, the giant anthros have always been around. They arrived on earth long before your own time from a planet entirely inhabited by the titanic beings, their homeworld known as Zoonova, and they've used their highly-advanced technology to exist somewhat peacefully beside the human race. People like you have come to accept them, seeing that you live in a neighborhood where a majority of the residents are these furries and some are your friends, but others revile them for simply existing, even though these gigantic creatures could conquer earth in less than an hour's time. Fortunately, most of them are quite peaceful.

Modification limits

-can be turned into a normal giantess roleplay after an Anthro version has been made first.
-size limits on the antrogirls(can be up to 1 mile tall)
-the tinies can be primarily human or mix its up to the person making the rp to figure out what is they want the tiny people to be.
-Anything can go as long as it doesnt go against the tos(if your gonna go into sexy stuff take it to pms or an instant messanger please!)
-Can have a system to bring back those who die or not up to the person who wants to try to modify it
-all sorts of anthros are allowed and by anthros i mean like this

be sure to use the picture as an example for the character skeleton
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Anthro giantess Roleplay idea
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